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How do I know if my child has problems with auditory processing?

  • "What?"- the puzzled look
  • Appear to be ignoring, when you're talking to them. (Auditory Shut-down)
  • Closely watching your face when you are talking.
  • Inability to follow directions they should be able to follow.

Auditory Overload

  • Shut down auditorially- actually don't hear you
  • When visually or tactually involved don't hear

Auditory Over stimulation

  • They become hyperactive when in the presence of too much noise.
  • May run in circles, self-sim, yell, talk too much, become physical, can't seem to calm down. -they need a quiet place to calm down.

Sound Sensitivty

  • Cover ears, may cry, may seek quiet corners, may become physical and hit someone who is crying. (Fire alarms can set them off for the whole day.)

Auditory Distractability

  • Head turns at every second

Auditory Figure-Ground

  • All sounds come in the same level of loudness. Inability to block out background noise, (i.e. heat register or outside mowing interfere with listening. -movie theatre)

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