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Are there other things I should be looking for regarding my child's speech and language?

  1. The child is not saying any words at 1 ½ years.
  2. Speech is largely unintelligible at the age of 3.
  3. They leave off many beginning consonants after age 3.
  4. They are not using 2-3 word sentences by the age of 3.
  5. Sounds are more than 1 year late in appearing on a developmental chart.
  6. They use mostly vowel sounds.
  7. They are consistently missing the final consonant sounds.
  8. The sentence structure is notably faulty.
  9. The child is bothered by their speech.
  10. The child is noticeably non-fluent by age 5.
  11. The voice is monotone, hypernasal, hyponasal, hoarse or breathy.
  12. The parents, care givers or teachers are concerned.

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